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In just a very short time, Ruth Martin has changed my professional life.  I hired her, terrified of all of the social media I knew I should be pursuing as a published author. Ruth took it all in hand and quickly launched me forward. I am astounded by the number of new readers and overall interest in my books that I’ve gained. Ruth pays for herself!

Christine Trent, Author of the Lady of Ashes Victorian Mystery Series

I received two leads this week on my website for podcast services. I firmly believe the [marketing planning] strategies you encouraged me to do last year are finally paying off. Especially now that I have a method to posting my blogs on LinkedIn, on my site, etc.  I also am now diving into niche groups. I would have NEVER done any of that if it weren’t for your [marketing strategy] call and [marketing] calendar. It was a bit of a struggle to get back into the marketing frame of mind after being away from that world for about 3-4 years. So, really, thank you! I just think to myself, ‘Hot damn, it’s working like it should.’

Darlene Victoria

I have worked with Ruth Martin for one year. She is an exceptional editor, copywriter, and ghostwriter. I am publishing a book thanks to Ruth’s work. I have been blown away with her attention to detail, how she makes her line editing align with not only MY voice, but with who I am as a writer. She provides thorough explanations and expert recommendations on my manuscript and content and this has helped me grow as a writer. Ruth is a top-notch professional, fast and accurate, a wonderful human being, and I trust her work thoroughly. My website traffic has increased in the past year— attracting more visitors and potential clients who read my wellness blog, promotional and marketing content, and have found value. Ruth’s exceptional work has helped me grow my business. I have found an editing partner who cares about my content just as much as I do. Thank you, Ruth!

Diane Randall
Diane Randall Consults

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ruth since 2013 on a number of publications and research projects. Every project has had multiple stakeholders and leaders, short timelines, shifting needs, and tight budgets. Ruth has worked professionally, flexibly, and in collaboration with our team. I can honestly say that she has been an integral partner. As challenges have arisen, Ruth has worked tirelessly to help problem solve and complete the tasks at hand. Specifically, Ruth has helped us schedule appointments with partners and research subjects, integrate text and excel data sources, build substantial components of publications and reports (e.g., indices and appendices), and assist with data collections (e.g., interviews). Ruth works well with a task, a timeline, and a budget, and she also works well integrated into the day-to-day of a project. This flexibility makes her a valuable collaborator.

Adam Hall
Education Research & Development Consultant

[NOTE from Ruth] The publications:

I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth for over a year and I count my time as BR (Before Ruth) and AR (After Ruth). Ruth is client-focused, thoughtful, and solutions-oriented. She has worked beyond an executive assistant, where she has been instrumental in helping to create large reports, such as a series of compendium over 250 pages long. She has created the index and appendices, copy edited, and conducted quality checks on these reports. It is detail-oriented work, and she does it all with finesse. Above all, Ruth is an incredibly valued member of the team who is always there to help and make things better.

Ryoko Yamaguchi, Ph.D.
President & Chief Scientist
Plus Alpha Research & Consulting, LLC

Working with Ruth has been a tremendous boost to my business and medical endeavors. Through the management of my LinkedIn account and with very little work on my part, my network and reputation have grown dramatically. Several significant opportunities have developed solely due to Ruth’s professional management.

Ralph Salvagno, M.D.
Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
Center for Joint Surgery and Sports Medicine

Ruth Martin needs a new title included in her profile… Social Media Miracle Worker! I recently reached out to Ruth to assist with a client’s social media mess, and in watching her work her magic there, it became clear that I needed her for my own social media issues. I promptly hired her; she set right to work and the result is amazing! Ruth has all the knowledge, expertise and intuition needed to establish and manage professional social media networks. My Likes and Followers have already increased significantly and it’s only been a week! Not only does Ruth know the technical aspects of social media, but she is so insightful and intuitive when it comes to understanding what to include on your profile for the greatest impact, and the kinds of posts you need to reach the best audience for your niche. I love working with Ruth, and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to increase their social media presence, and take the pressure and stress off your own shoulders! Thank you, Ruth!

Marilyn Stafford
Alliance Virtual Services

Most highly recommend @Maplewood_Ruth for terrific virtual assistance in cool stuff like formatting your ebooks and working on marketing.

Tamara Holland, Author
Owner at Bean Up The Nose Art

If you’re looking for a fantastic virtual assistant, look no further than Ruth Martin: dependable, fast, kind, smart and an all-around miracle worker when it comes to keeping you organized! Ruth has been just fantastic. She is caring. She’s kind. She’s smart. She’s quick. She’s accurate. She is responsive and she is professional. I enjoy working with her so much. She is very talented. Ruth keeps me and my business and my disastrously messy inbox organized. She is amazing how she does it. We have worked out a fantastic system where if I need her to help me with something, I need her to do something for me, all I do is send her an email and then I don’t have to think twice. It just gets done. If she has questions she asks them very quickly – very succinctly – so that I can reply quickly because I am a very busy person. I travel for my professional speaking business. I am a mom with two kids. I am a wife. I am busy with lots of volunteer activities through school and through church – I am busy. I don’t have time to answer long, long emails. I do not have time to write long, long emails myself. Ruth and I have come to a fantastic, really partnership, in my business, and she takes great care of me.

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.
Communication Consultant, Speaker, Author, & Coach

Awesome! Wish I could have you helping me all the time. You were such a joy to work with!

Luz Donahue
Art by Luz Donahue

Ruth is great to work with. She listens “between the lines” and helps draw out what needs to be said. Her advice is right on target.

Donnette Cowgill
Pros & Commas

Ruth is my go-to. She helps me know what I’m thinking before I know it! Her depth and breadth of experience are helping me grow my business. And did I mention patience?! She’s got some to spare!

Janet Allison
Boys Alive!

I highly recommend Ruth Martin’s consulting services. She brings clarity to technically confusing projects resolving the issues with ease. As a virtual assistant since 2000, she understands the importance of time efficiency in completing a project. If you have digital publishing needs or questions Ruth, the Details Diva, is the perfect resource.

Electra Ford
Virtual Office Center

I needed to get a project completed which required expert knowledge of spreadsheets on a tight schedule. Ruth not only completed the project for me but she did it with lightning speed and it looked amazing. I would highly recommend Ruth to anyone and I will definitely use her services again in the future when needed.

Kasey Lian

KL Virtual Office Solutions

Ruth impressed me from the first communication we had – when I emailed her a copy of my eBook for review purposes and she responded with the inspiration and the information I needed to make the decision to take that eBook to the Kindle marketplace. Ruth’s suggestions along with the information she took the time to provide me were right on point and left no question that I’d like to work with her to get the project launched. The transformation of my eBook to Kindle-ready was not only painless, and affordable, but a useful learning experience for me as well. I’m looking forward to working with Ruth again sooner than later!

Tess Strand 

Founder, Virtual Assistant Forums

As the Content Director of CWAHM, I managed multiple bloggers and post submissions. Ruth was a true gem. Her posts were always submitted in a timely manner. I reviewed every submission before posting and don’t recall a single error in any of her posts. Additionally, she never ‘phoned it in’ with any of her posts. They were always informative, up to date, and never barely meeting the minimum word count.

Pebbles Jacobo, Content Director of CWAHM (Christian Work at Home Ministries)
Christian Work at Home Ministries

This [website copywriting] looks fantastic. You have such a way with words! You can take the most blah information and create an interesting article. A true wordsmith! Thank you so much.

Jenny McKinney
Try Feng Shui

I was referred to Ruth of MaplewoodVA for her services by a trusted associate of mine. Also, having been in the VA industry for some time, I recognized her name and business. Going into the project, I was confident this partnership would be a good fit, just based on those two factors alone. After discussing the initial project and then receiving her welcome packet, I knew for certain MapledwoodVA was an expert in their field and would provide excellent service.  Working with Ruth on my editing project was truly enjoyable. She offered friendly critiques and even suggestions of where I could improve certain areas within my eBook. In the end, I was very happy with the overall [proofreading and editing] project and look forward to working with Ruth again in the future!

Darlene Victoria

Working with Ruth as my mentor these past few months has had a profound impact on my business as well as me personally. She has challenged me in the areas I needed to address, counseled me to get beyond obstacles that were holding me back, and readied me with the tools and vital insights necessary to be successful. Her targeted action plans have kept me focused and accountable in achieving milestones I had begun to think impossible, and she’s been there to provide candid and incisive feedback every step of the way. I have found her tips and suggestions for language in handling specific business situations particularly useful and effective. I hang up from each session feeling energized and empowered to tackle the next step in this journey.

Hallie Brown

Ruth at MaplewoodVA is awesome! She is professional, kind, friendly, and most of all, knows her stuff. When someone requests her services, she gives 110% without the bat of an eye. I’ve called upon her for various projects and have never been disappointed.

Jenny Thayer McKinney
Cedar Loft Productions

In a short time she has revolutionized my business and enabled me to move ahead on projects I’ve literally had in the works for years. They don’t call her the “Details Diva” for nothing…although diva is the last word I would use to describe Ruth. She is so pleasant and efficient. I’m going to keep her as my own trade secret.

Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, Director & Founder
The Raphael Remedy and 

I brought Ruth on to help out one of my long-term clients. He had written a book was ready to have it converted to a Kindle book to sell on Amazon. Ruth took the reigns and produced a wonderful product even with the obstacles the client presented. I was very pleased with her work, her communication, and her knowledge. Would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Christina Nelson

Everything I have asked Ruth to do, she has asked me questions about to make sure she understands what I need and then cheerfully replied, “No problem.” And back comes the work I need on time, at a reasonable cost.

Mara Braverman

Braverman Marketing & Communications

Ruth has been my VA for years and has seen my business evolve and grow dramatically. As such, she’s remained flexible, thoughtful, and ready to roll up her sleeves when the ‘action’ gets intense!

But what I love most about Ruth is that I can trust her with anything and anyone in my business. She’s the consummate professional.

This Details Diva will get those pesky to-dos crossed off your list in no time, and she’ll give you lots of great ideas and insight while she’s doing it.

Karri Flatla

MaplewoodVA’s Ruth Martin is my go-to person and company for my business. Ruth provides virtual assistance and invaluable help to me and my small company. Ruth is both a big picture strategic thinker and highly detail oriented. As a solopreneur to have a skilled partner with whom to brainstorm about the succcess of my business is a Godsend. And then I can gladly leave the details to Ruth to know what to do! She is technically savvy; handling details like sending out my email newsletter. Ruth is superbly detail oriented and takes care of things. She very politely helps me to see what I could be doing next…sort of like a highly skilled Mary Poppins for my business! I highly recommend MaplewoodVA and Ruth Martin for top notch virtual assistance.

Bev Martin, Intuitive Life Coach & NLP Trainer

Because of Ruth’s understanding of relationship marketing, she was able to assemble a Keeping-In-Touch Program customized to how I interact with my clients. I have already received several comments on how nice it was to receive a hand-written note and I have Ruth to thank for it all! Her keen attention to detail assures that nothing falls through the cracks and special occasions are remembered. Ruth makes my business look good and allows me to give my clients that extra level of attention that they love. I highly recommend Ruth to any time-strapped entrepreneur looking for a truly personalized VA service.

Deb Howard Greenleaf
Greenleaf Accounting Services

Ruth is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Her work is highly accurate and timely and she readily grasps the task to be performed. In a recent project, her attention to detail caught some easily-overlooked but very significant mistakes, and she was instrumental in fixing them. If you want a partner for your business that you can count on to do the job better than you can do it yourself, you need to look no further than Ruth.

Leanne Chambers
Tiny Queen Designs

I have had the privilege of being coached by Ruth Martin. She is very knowledgeable, has a gentle way of encouraging growth by helping set attainable goals, and is a great “cheerleader!” The hours that Ruth has spent with me in helping me move to the next level in my business is incredibly valuable. She understands the market and knows how to communicate that knowledge! I highly recommend her as a coach and a business partner.

Debra McGill
Integrity Administrative Solutions LLC

I cannot say enough good things about Ruth Martin. As my mentor, she guided me through the chaos of starting a virtual assistant business. I had no idea what I was doing or where to start. After my initial phone call with her, I had completed more goals in that week than I had the entire 2015 year. She has a way of helping you organize your goals. I am so incredibly grateful for her expertise, advice, and friendship. Her knowledge will be forever indispensable to me. I would recommend MaplewoodVA in a heartbeat. She truly is one of a kind.

Brittany Sumner
Sumner Office Solutions

I always thought of a mentor as a teacher, guidance, someone to hold your hand, yet someone who will be open and honest with you and give you the constructive feedback you need in order to grow and learn.  Someone you look up to in whatever it is you need a mentor for, a role model in a sense. Honestly, it hasn’t changed much at all in fact it’s even better than what I ever expected it to be. I have learned so much from you and I only hope to make the teacher proud of the student! Your honesty, real life experiences, the ideas and resources you have shared, the way you have held my hand, best practices, I have learned so much from you but the most important thing would be the encouragement and confidence you have in me has been extraordinary especially when I didn’t have any in myself. I was hoping it would and it definitely surpassed all my expectations and was more than I thought it would be.  I feel that I didn’t just get a mentor but also a new friend. The only hesitation was finding an outlet or resource to free mentorship since I am just starting out my business I didn’t have the money available to pay for a mentor.  Luckily I joined IVAA and found that they had a free mentorship program and signed up. As luck would have it they matched me up with you! Naming the benefits in mentoring with you: I would say the real life experiences that you shared with me both good and bad, your knowledge and success in the business and the tools and resources you provided me plus one more for good luck’s sake being the do’s and don’ts. You’re an inspiration to any new VA in the business and I was blessed to have you as my mentor. The bottom line is I think you’re awesome!

Desiree Gill
V.A.P. Virtual Solutions

Ruth is what a mentor should be. Patient and honest. I didn’t know much when I got started, and some of my work showed it. But, she never made anything of it. She just helped me try to fix it. She was always happy to answer all my rookie questions, and she never made me feel rushed in the process. She helped me learn while doing, which for me, is much better than just learning from a book. I highly recommend working with Ruth Martin.

Megan Norlin, Illnois

It is a pleasure to work with Ruth. She has been mentoring me for over a month now and she has gotten me to the point of where I am today. She is a very organized and dedicated person and I have learned so much from her. I owe her a lot of thanks. She is a fantastic mentor.

Nadene Johnson
Nadene’s Business Services

There are times when we are lucky enough to have the experience of working with a person who has driven the path we may currently be on. When that person helps guide us to our destination and takes away the roadblocks, it allows us to see the path more clearly and helps get us to our final destination sooner. Ruth has driven those paths and is now generously helping those that need a little help with their destination. She shows how to choose the route we want to be on and get to our destination sooner. Her experience and her willingness to share has been a positive experience and I am very grateful. It is nice to know someone cares and is willing to share their success so as to make all of us successful too.

Joni McCormick, Florida

Ruth takes the time to answer your questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. She has a very professional demeanor and is pleasant to work with. Ruth is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field. I highly recommend Ruth, for she is the go-to gal.

Jerri Goranson
Virtual Office Visions

I want to thank Ruth Martin from MaplewoodVA: Online Business Support for working on the Letter of Intent on such short notice. You saved me! I worked smarter, not harder.

Tania Lopez
Coqui the Chef

I hired Ruth to assist with my client’s Constant Contact and 1ShoppingCart needs. I had known Ruth for a couple of years prior through an online forum and always found her knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Once I hired her, I found her to be superior in all areas that I needed her help with. She is extremely knowledgeable with online resources and she is very dependable. She always meets deadlines and frequently exceeds them.

Ruth is a highly sought after VA and I would definitely hire her again should she have openings in her VA practice.

Terri Brooks
Tasting the Internet, One Byte at A Time
and The Imprint Doctor

I began a partnership with Ruth, as my VA, in October 2010. She provides excellent services, quality work results, keeps me focused and goes well beyond the job at hand. Ruth is known as the “Details Diva” and for good reason. I love her personality, her suggestions and she is a joy to work with. If you’re looking for someone to help you grow your business, I highly recommend Ruth Martin of MaplewoodVA (and I have to several people!)

Cindy Clark
CC Transformational Coaching

Ruth is very organized and provides excellent service as a virtual assistant. She is also a pleasure to interact with.

Gavin Kilduff, Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations
NYU Stern School of Business

Ruth has a wide grasp of the powers of excel and utilizes this knowledge to help her clients track/forecast business trends. She creates and maintains easy to understand databases that keep important information at the fingertips of the business so they can make informed decisions. I would recommend Ruth for any data mining your business requires.

Pat Zappavigna
Instant Office Assistant

As a business coach, I sometimes find myself in need of an extra pair of hands or eyes. Or, maybe a new idea pops into my head and I would like to brainstorm about it with someone. That’s where my truly wonderful virtual assistant, Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance, jumps in. Ruth always makes herself available to help me see a different perspective or suggests other ways to save time and money. She is known as the Details Diva for a very good reason! I have highly recommended Ruth to many of my colleagues and friends. If you’re looking for that special person to assist you in growing your business, I encourage you to speak with Ruth.

Cindy Clark
CC Transformational Coaching

I can’t believe you did this project in under 2 hours. When I do these, they take me all afternoon, and by the end of it I’m stir crazy. This is so amazing to me. This is a perfect example of the value of outsourcing tasks you’re either not good at or don’t like doing (both, in my case!). While you took care of this, I was able to close four cases AND generate almost $10,000 in income for this project. A pretty good outcome, don’t you think? : ) I should have done this a hundred years ago.

Precision Legal Support, Tempe, AZ

I hired Ruth Martin to change my website’s home and bio page copy. Ruth made the process simple, and I was impressed with the turnaround time. When I was not able to be 100% helpful in the process for various reasons, her gentle prodding, questions, and suggestions helped me get over the bumps to get the information she needed to help me.

Ruth’s end product was exactly what I wanted and nailed the tone of speaking that was me. In less than two weeks my website page rank went up one point – an amazing testament to her work.

I highly recommend Ruth’s 5-star services and have used her services again and will continue to do so for myself and on behalf of my clients not only for web copy but administrative support, she is one of the FEW people I would trust with my clients and my business.

Cyndi Papia
Office To-Go

I first met Ruth through her knowledgeable posts on the Virtual Assistant Networking Association forum. In the years since then, I have been continually impressed with her organizational and technical skills as well as her ongoing willingness to share what she knows. In person, she is as fun and gracious as her online persona. I am fortunate to have her as a friend and colleague.

Debbie Lynn Butler
AVA  Professional Support Services

Within the VA industry, there are always those that stand out as being very professional and very helpful. Ruth Martin is one of those VAs. She has been a volunteer for for ages. She’s a moderator, organized and managed the VAcommentators for quite some time, and has done an excellent job writing for our VAnetworking blog. She’s a great asset to anyone looking for a Virtual Assistant and I have even hired her myself and highly recommend her!

Tawnya Sutherland, Certified Internet Marketing & Business Strategist
MediaMage and Founder of

Ruth is wonderful virtual assistant. She has the best resources and is always willing to take the time to help. I highly recommend Ruth and her services.

Erin Tillotson

I was overwhelmed by multiple projects so I asked Ruth for some help in getting myself organized. She did a beautiful job of designing some of my marketing materials and showed me how I could better manage a promotional event I was planning. Whenever I’m feeling stressed by having too much to do, Ruth’s organizational skills help me regain control of my day.

Denise Willms
Cassidar Ink

Ruth is amazing to speak to! I was so confused and overwhelmed with all the clients I had and not having any time for myself or to run my business. After an hour on the phone with her I had a written out plan of what I needed to do to gain control of my virtual assistant business and organize my time/client load. Thank you so much, Ruth!

Yoana Brecker
Advantage Virtual Support

Ruth Martin is an essential part of my business success. Her attention to detail and careful observance of deadlines and turnaround times keeps me on my toes. Ruth is just the gal to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine!

Ros Adcock
Ros Adcock, Virtual Assistant

Ruth has been exactly what the doctor ordered for my growing Internet marketing consulting business. I had a to-do list a mile long when I contacted Ruth, and much of the to-dos were NOT your basic admin. From helping me craft my SOP manual to handling prospective client inquiries to researching more effective ways to manage the daily minutiae, Ruth has handled it all and then some with panache. After having Ruth on board for just one month, I’m already running more efficiently because I can better focus on my priorities as a busy professional (and mother of two small children!).

Because of Ruth’s keen eye for detail and spirited initiative taking, I am more accountable to the efficient, profitable operation of my business. This is more than virtual assistance. This is a virtual makeover for my practice! Hire Ruth. It’s an investment in your success. Period.

Karri Flatla

Ruth is a fantastic Virtual Assistant and I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who will put your administrative woes back into order for you. Great organizational skills and the best at what she does. As a bonus, she is also a fabulous project manager if you are looking for someone to manage your VA team/projects.

Tawnya Sutherland, Certified Internet Marketing & Business Strategist
MediaMage and Founder of

As a colleague, what I most appreciate about Ruth is how extremely organized she is. As the manager of VAnetworking’s VAcommentator Team, she is efficient, proactive and prompt in responding to questions and feedback. Her comments clearly demonstrate her thorough knowledge of the virtual business professional industry. She is always friendly and professional, and it’s a pleasure to work with her. If you’re looking for a top-notch, high performing Virtual Assistant, look no further than Ruth.”

Denise Willms
Work At Home Moms Articles

I have known Ruth through since I joined backed in October 2007 and have also had the pleasure of working alongside her for several months now. I have found Ruth to be an extremely honest, friendly, reliable and loyal person with a flair about her which is very unique to her person. I have noticed a real passion for what she does and a motivation to achieve to the absolute highest quality.

Rachel Reeves
Proactive Admin Services

Ruth and I are colleagues at, and we work directly together as members of the ‘VAcommentators’ team, promoting the network online. Ruth plays a key role on the team as the lead administrator and motivator. She provides constant support and guidance to the team members, and keeps detailed reports of the team’s activity. Her attention to detail and organizational skills are paramount to the success of this program. She does it all masterfully, and always delivers it with a kind word of support. She is a pleasure to work with on a regular basis; a wonderful colleague and friend.

Tracey D’Aviero

Ruth is a excellent leader. I am fortunate to work with such a nice person who provides great support for the VAcommentator team. She is knowledgeable in the work that she does and is always there to lend her team a helping hand. It is a pleasure to work with such a wonderful colleague.

Michelle Colvin
MLC Business Solutions

Ruth you are a great leader and support for VAcommentators and many other areas of I appreciate and acknowledge you for your professional, friendly contact.

JudyAnn Lorenz
Bar JD

I’ve been working with Ruth for the better part of a year now, and one would be hard pressed to find more professional, thorough and supportive person to work with. I have truly enjoyed working with Ruth and she is always willing to lend an ear or a hand. She is forever coming up with new information that will assist in getting the work done. If you are looking to partner with a virtual assistant who is always willing to be on the look-out for ways to improve and to do a thorough and complete job, definitely call Ruth. She will help your business prosper.

Kathy Colaiacovo
Time on Task Virtual Assistant Services

When working with Ruth, I know that I can give her an idea or a task and it will be taken care of. Whether she’s coordinating the calendar, typing minutes and announcements, or planning an event all of the details will be covered.

Pastor Craig Oury
Mt. Zion Mennonite Church, Boonsboro, MD

Ruth is a reliable and efficient worker, able to accomplish computer tasks quickly and accurately.

Leo Martin, General Manager

I have known Ruth for some time now through my VA membership site and have hired her to do some marketing work for my network. After working together just a short time, I realized what a valuable asset Ruth is to my business helping it to run smoothly without worry online. Ruth is one of the most organized and thoughtful people I have met. Not only are her work assignments done on time but she also goes that extra mile and gives you, the client, a full rundown on what was done, the how and why it was done, and also kicks in her thoughts on what also could be done. Ruth Martin would be of value to any business looking for a proactive virtual assistant to aid in their business success.

Tawyna Sutherland, Founder
Virtual Assistant Networking Association

As an independent resume writer I found that I was often spending more of my time managing administrative and marketing functions than I was providing a direct service to my clients. Not only was this frustrating, put it was cutting into my potential revenue. I toyed with the idea of getting a virtual assistant for some time, but never made the move. Then one day I receive a postcard from Maplewood Virtual Assistance marketing their services. I was impressed with the professional design of the postcard but even more impressed with the proactive marketing approach. I gave Ruth a call and I am glad I did.

Ruth is extremely organized and meticulous about the quality of her work. She has a firm grasp of the various computer applications that can streamline operations and is more than willing to share this knowledge. She provides the pros and cons of choosing each option and is able to guide me toward making the best choice for my business. Ruth also has a firm grasp on branding and marketing – which is a crucial component of my business.

I am extremely impressed with how available Ruth is. Although she is ‘virtual’ I often feel like she is in an office next to mine! I am confident that with Ruth’s help and professional guidance, I will not only be better organized but will have more time to do the things I do best- helping clients market themselves and better manage their careers!

Norine Dagliano
ekm Inspirations